About Us

about-usCan you imagine anything more peaceful on a sunny spring morning than a leisurely stroll through the woods?

Neither can we!

Here at Esvafestivals.org, we love everything about nature and the wildlife in it. This is what we are passionate about, and we want to share our love for nature with everyone.

Hi, my name is Stacey Whittaker. I have worked for the State Parks service and National Forestry for over 35 years.

I hold local events to promote and educate people on the importance of wildlife preservation and sustainability. The natural habitat for birds and other wildlife is all that they have and what they depend on to survive. Making this a top priority is essential.

I plan nature walks and siting trips for birds and other wildlife to bring people from the city and suburbs out into nature to witness these animals in their natural habitat. We run weekly watching trips all throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

We offer affordable pricing and group rates if you want to bring your entire family or just come out for an exciting date with your spouse. We also offer special rates for schools and teachers. If you want to bring your class on a nature hike, we can accommodate almost any class size, and we can do it at a price that fits into your budget.

The main things we see are various bird types native to our region, but there are so many other animals and wildlife to see.

We have games that we play to see who can spot the most animals and who can correctly identify them.

Coming along on a nature hike with us at esvafestivals.org is a fun event for the entire family. Everyone will walk away learning something new and everyone will have a great time.

Take a look at our calendar for updates on weather and our weekend schedules.