Bass Musician Festival to Benefit Parks, Wildlife Fund

bass-guitarPeople have been going to music festivals for over 50 years. Woodstock was one of the most popular festivals of all time—so popular in fact that they tried to reboot it in the late 90s.

The problem with most music festivals, however, is that they end up leaving the environment in worse shape than when they found it. Music festivals should be about community, fellowship, and of course music, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment and the wildlife around us.

Bass Music Festival Wants to Change it Up

Thankfully, a group of bass music players are looking to revamp the way we think of modern festivals. No longer will they look like an abandoned trash heap when concertgoers leave, but they will actually be left in a better place.

The collective of bass musicians and teachers are partnering up to put on a festival that will not only be the premier event of the season but also be one that educates and informs all attendees.

These bassists hope to do so in a few different ways. First off, as part of your ticket stub, you will be required to pick up at least 10 objects of recyclable material each time you leave the festival premises. This will greatly reduce the amount of litter and it will increase the amount of recycled material coming out of the concert.

A major problem that many festivals face is that even if people don’t outright leave their trash on the ground that they will put recyclable materials in the trash, so that those materials never actually get a chance to be recycled.

This plan will greatly reduce this risk.

The second major part of the green initiative is the planting of trees and other shrubbery. People are given a package of seeds as they walk in the venue and they are required to plant at least 10 seeds in the designated planting area. This will help decrease the carbon footprint of the event and if the collective’s projections hold true, it will actually cause the event to be completely carbon neutral.

Education of Bass Guitar and Lessons

Lest you think that this festival is only a green imitative, it is not. It will also be used as an avenue for bass guitar transcribers to connect with new students and teach the basics of bass guitar. The problem that many students find themselves in is that they aren’t exactly sure where to turn to find a qualified bass guitar teacher, but if they have a huge selection of them right in front of them, it greatly increases their odds of becoming a musician themselves.

The teachers will be offering complimentary 15-minute lessons and will fall into two primary camps: beginner and intermediate.

If you opt into the beginner lesson, you will take a look at the basic bass books chord charts that are the foundation of the instrument. You don’t necessarily need to know any music theory to benefit from this lesson, which is why it is in the beginner class.

If you opt into the intermediate class, you will take a look at major and minor bass scales, which are a little bit more technical and require a bit of formal music knowledge.

All of the proceeds of the event will be donated to the State Parks Service to help preserve and protect our National Parks.

We are really looking forward to the event, and if you know anyone who has ever wanted to learn the bass guitar or bass guitar notation, be sure to invite them to come along.

Bird Watching from Your New Michigan Waterfront Home

Lake Michigan Real Estate

Everyone enjoys a relaxing afternoon watching the birds and taking in the scenery. We know this because we organize tours for people all across the country to come and see the different species of birds here.

The problem is eventually the fun is over and people leave the resort and go back home, back to work, and back to their everyday life.

But what if you didn’t have to? What if you were able to enjoy all of the same things you love about nature in your own back yard—and at an affordable price to boot!

Big Cities vs. West Michigan

You see, people in big cities have a misconception of “the country.” They think that just because you have a few trees in your yard you are either in the boonies or in some upper class suburban subdivision where every house looks the exact same.

That just isn’t the case.

In regard to real estate and basic geography, most people in the inner cities are just as ignorant as they claim all of their urban counterparts are.

West Michigan is one of the best examples of this great kind of living that most city dwellers have never experienced. Grand Rapids and its surrounding areas have some great neighborhoods that are crime free, affordable, and all of the houses are unique and have their own yards, trees, and stories behind them. They aren’t the ticky tacky houses of the suburbs, but normal residential living.

Plus, Grand Rapids is near Lake Michigan, which has some of Michigan’s best waterfront properties, which is big claim to make seeing as the state has over 10,000 lakes and touches 4 out of the 5 Great Lakes.

Bird Watching in Your Back Yard

Back to the original topic of discussion, what if you could enjoy nature in your own backyard? Well, if you live in a waterfront home on Lake Michigan you can.

In many of these homes, you can have upwards of 10 acres of land all to yourself, and given the close proximity to the lake, you have all kinds of wonderful animals around. You will be able to see fox, bobcats, squirrels, all kinds of bird species, and even the occasional bear. How much closer can you get to nature than that?

The only question you need to ask yourself is what lake in Michigan do you want your property on? Because there are plenty to pick from. Michigan, like Minnesota, has over 10,000 lakes, which gives you some pretty big options to pick from.

Can I Afford a Lakefront Property?

If you are second-guessing yourself wondering if you could afford a house on the lake, you just need to remember that housing prices vary immensely based on the region.

Lake Michigan houses in Chicago are much more expensive that Lake Michigan houses in West Michigan. In fact, the West Michigan area is routinely rated as one of the most affordable areas to buy a home and raise a family, so the time has never been better and there is no excuse. Plus there are realtors that specialize in waterfront type properties like this. J Harpe Realtors are specialists in lakefront properties, and they can get anything taken care of that you need for you new home.

Bird watching will never be the same again.